At Clapetra we know that finding the perfect dress is more than just about looking good, it’s about feeling great.

What greater way to feel good, than to make a statement?

As much as we advocate and provide for today’s simple and sleek trends, we try and encourage our customers to take a chance on something different.

The fashion industry has visibly taken a turn towards simplicity. The satin slip dress, the white blazer dress, the black fishtail gowns have all become the go-to ensembles for all events.

What would surprise many is the more recent, yet not so common rise, in daring colour, pattern, beading, or quiet simply glitzy gowns that are becoming the stand-out, and refreshing change in the fashion industry.

There has, and always will be room for simplicity, but we also feel that lavish international fashion events, like the MET GALA, can be emulated in the most realistic, yet striking of ways.

The choice of a sheer, detailed and beaded dress may not be what others expect, but will undeniably turn heads. Wearing the caped dress with a thigh high split may not be a conventional choice for many, but it will certainly make a mark.

So just remember, Fashion is no longer about the safer option, but rather, what will make you stand out from the rest.

“Our dresses are an opportunity to do something different, no matter what different means to You”-  Clarita from Clapetra.

By Mariah Hanna