We’ve seen it on Lady Gaga, Gigi Hadid, and Madonna.

It’s become a symbol of power, independence and indifference for us ladies.

The tailored suit…

Mixing work with play is not ordinarily the greatest of ideas… but at Clapetra, we like to break the rules.

Why play it safe, when you can take a risk with a guaranteed benefit?

“Clapetra is all about uniqueness and individuality, our clothing and accessories are your way to express that” – Clarita from Clapetra

At Clapetra we’ve taken our focus away from the safer option by providing our customers with suits in the most refreshing of colours.

We are steering away from the typical, and ensuring our customers walk out with something that’ll make a lasting impression.

Whether it be the classic black ensemble, or a surprising pop of colour, the tailored suit has become an alternate option for special events rather than just the go-to corporate coordinate.

On many occasions, it may hide your silhouette, yet we see the tailored suit, fitted or otherwise, as a way to feel sexy, sophisticated, and stylish, all while keeping everyone guessing.

But, how does one make an on-duty, go-to, fitting for an event of lavish measures?

A statement earring…

A touch of glitter or a hint of gold could be all it takes to raise the stakes of your outfit, and take it from business to bling.


As much as we believe in the art of simplicity, we equally believe that a touch of glamour stands in even the tiniest of details, accessories included.

Surprise yourself, take the risk, we promise you it’s worth it.

So, a message from Clapetra to you…

“Life is too short to wear Boring clothes. Take advantage of today and wear what you can’t tomorrow. Wear that pop of yellow, rock the sequins, pull off those big statement earrings and own it. The dress doesn’t make you. You make the dress and if you feel good you look good.” – Clarita from Clapetra

By Mariah Hanna