How do we define beauty? 

We Don’t.

We embrace what we have, we embrace what you have…we work with YOUR BEAUTY!

In today’s social media obsessed society, it is undeniable that women feel the pressure of having the perfect life, style, or body, much like that which they might see behind the little compact screens we carry.

We compare, and it is unfortunate.

We forget that this is not a reality.

“At Clapetra, we believe beauty fits no certain frame, no certain size, colour, nor a certain look”- Clarita from Clapetra

We want to help you embrace your outer beauty, in hopes that it helps your ever so important inner beauty shine…

It is undeniable that society has made a huge advancement in establishing that beauty is in reality a very vague concept, no one person or no one thing can be classified as beauty.

Yet in saying that, we understand that the retail industry has plenty of work to do in this regard…

We know from experience that finding the perfect dress is never the easiest of tasks – colour, style, and size all playing a role in a girls’ considerations… we all want to look our best no matter how ideal or non-idealistic we portray our physical attributes to be.

This is why at Clapetra we aim to cater for all, ensuring we stock the greatest variety in all a girls needs.


“At clapetra, we appreciate all women and unlike the typical boutique, this is the basis for how we pick what we stock”- Clarita from Clapetra

We promise more variety in size, colour and style because we acknowledge the concept of beauty as anything that makes you feel good.

We most definitely practice what we preach…so rest assured that you will find what you are looking for.

Clapetra is REDEFINING the shopping experience by ensuring that your options are endless.

Because, in our eyes, you are all a vision, no matter what you’re wearing.

As long as you feel beautiful.


By Mariah Hanna