It is within the four walls of a humble home that Clapetra, as a service and boutique, came to be…

Starting off as a one-woman alteration service, the company has now grown to become a boutique also providing formal wear for all shapes and sizes.

(Image of Clarita & Petra with their Mother Norma- Founder of Clapetra)

In itself, Clapetra is a product of the female mind, of female collaboration and female empowerment

Something our business prides itself on is the fact that Clapetra, from the very beginning, has and will always be


(Images from Clapetra Boutique’s Grand Opening)

It may sound vain to hold the belief that fashion, accessories and the beauty industry are a source of empowerment for females.

But we truly believe that the concept of empowerment is focused on how you FEEL.

What better way to feel our best than to LOOK our best.

Think about it, is it not when we FEEL our best that we DO our best?

(Image of Clapetra’s Support System. A group of Strong and Beautiful Women  ALL dressed by CLAPETRA)

The saying dressed to impress doesn’t fall far from our beliefs…. dress to impress yourself, dress to empower yourself, dress for confidence!

Every woman stands her own…to one, an understated midi dress could be what allows her to feel like the most powerful woman in the room… to another a bold print is what it truly takes.

Regardless of what you wear, in our eyes, a woman that is feeling great, can only do great things.

And this is why, from the very beginning, Clapetra, through our services has always and WILL ALWAYS 


“…try our best to give our customers the confidence to feel comfortable in their own body” – Clarita from Clapetra.

Because every women is powerful, so every women should feel EMPOWERED.

In celebration of the coming International Women’s Day, we would like to thank and voice our appreciation to all women…from our team to you… Happy International Women’s Day!

By Mariah Hanna